Job Description for SKZNCC Manager Post




It is important to note that any member of the current Executive of the SKZNCC may apply for the position of Manager, and if he/she is short-listed, will be interviewed for the position, and, if appointed, will have to resign as an office-bearer or member of the Executive. He/she will also be subject to a three month probation period like any other successful applicant.


To manage the work of the SKZNCC so as to achieve its vision, mission and goals.


Overall Organisational Management

The Manager will ensure:

  1. That the SKZNCC office at Izinqolweni functions smoothly as the hub of the organisation.

  2. That he/she is assisted by suitably qualified volunteers with the duties of receptionist, administrator and bookkeeper who can be available during office hours.

  3. That there is excellent two way communication with the KZNCC CEO and the SKZNCC Chairperson and Executive as well as with the member churches, fraternals and Christian organisations that make up the SKZNCC Council.

  4. That the SKZNCC Executive meets at least once per quarter, and at such other times as needed, with an agenda agreed with the Chairperson, with minutes carefully recorded and with an income and expenditure statement presented at each meeting.

  5. That church leaders, member churches, minsters’ fraternals and ecumenical organisations participate fully in the life and work of the SKZNCC.

  6. That policies are developed for the organisation based on the Employment Handbook of the KZNCC, and that these policies are accurately interpreted and implemented and reviewed from time to time by the Executive.

  7. That suitable additional member churches, ministers’ fraternals and ecumenical organisations are informed about the organisation and actively recruited to become members.

  8. That all members (whether churches, fraternals, or ecumenical organisations) pay the required membership fee promptly.

  9. That partnerships and networks are developed with appropriate organisations and institutions.

Success Indicators:

  1. The office is in place, equipped and the key roleplayers have been informed about the address, phone and fax numbers, as well as the email address.

  2. That, in addition to the Manager, there are suitably qualified volunteers in place to play the role of receptionist, office administrator and financial administrator. As these may be part-time, all key stakeholders are informed about the times the office will be open, and there is a clear sign outside the office indicating these times. Also a number that can be phoned in an emergency.

  3. No complaints are received about poor communication.

  4. Minutes of all Executive meetings are sent out to Exec members within one week of the meetings, as well as pasted into a minute book available for inspection.

  5. The KZNCC Employment Handbook suitably amended for use by the SKZNCC is presented to the last quarterly meeting of the Executive for 2016, for their approval.

  6. Registers of meetings and workshops indicate significant attendance by member churches, fraternals and Christian organisations.

  7. That an Annual General Meeting of the organisation is held by 31 August 2016 with any elections required by the Constitution.

  8. That by the date of the AGM, 31 August 2016, at least two new member churches, fraternals and Christian organisations have been recruited and their applications for membership/ observer status presented to the Executive for approval, and a further two of each by 31 March 2017.

  9. That at least two new networks/partnerships have been joined/established by 31 March 2017.


Ensuring that the aims and objectives of the SKZNCC are achieved.

The Manager will ensure:

  1. That coordinated SKZNCC planning is undertaken by the Executive in consultation with the KZNCC.

  2. That there is an SKZNCC strategic plan and that this is implemented.

Success Indicators

  1. The SKZNCC has plans in place for the period up to 31 December 2017 that adequately reflect the aspirations of the Church and the needs of the Ugu and Harry Gwala districts.

  2. The annual report for 2016 reflects maximum implementation of these plans.



  1. A comprehensive fundraising plan is established for the SKZNCC.

  2. All activities and operations of the SKZNCC are well financed.

  3. There is a clear understanding of what funding is available from the KZNCC and full use is made of this funding opportunity.

  4. Established donor relationships are sustained by narrative and financial reports submitted on time and by well organised funder visits to projects.

  5. New funding relationships are initiated.

Success Indicators

  1. The fundraising plan is presented to the Exec. By 30 June 2016.

  2. Adequate funds are available or the scope of the SKZNCC’s work is accordingly adjusted.

  3. Regular communication between the Manager and the KZNCC CEO ensures clarity about available funding from the KZNCC and other possible sources.

  4. Narrative and financial reports are prepared well before deadline.


Human Resource Management and Development

The Manager will ensure:

  1. That an agreed strategy for the funding, recruitment and appointment of SKZNCC staff for the two posts:

  • Office and Financial Administrator

  • Programme Manager

is implemented by 31 March 2017.

  1. That there is excellent communication with all volunteers and that a weekly volunteers’ meeting is held and minuted.

  2. That each volunteer has a job description and that their work is managed by the Coordinator.

  3. That there is a high level of volunteer motivation and team-building and that their working conditions are conducive for effective work performance.

  4. That the SKZNCC volunteers understand and implement the organisation’s strategic policy .

  5. That volunteers have a clear understanding that if and when staff positions become available, they may apply for such positions if they have the necessary qualifications, but there is no guarantee that they will be appointed.

Success Indicators

  1. Suitable volunteers are appointed to key SKZNCC tasks, to assist the Manager.

  2. Minutes of meetings with volunteers are available on request.

  3. The Manager keeps records of all volunteers.

  4. Relationships with volunteers are positive and there is a good atmosphere among them.

  5. The extent to which No 1 under Key Function/Responsibility 4, above, is implemented by 31 March 2017.


Development of Communication Strategy

The Manager will ensure:

  1. That an effective communication strategy is developed by 31 August 2016.

  2. That the SKZNCC and its activities and operations receive appropriate publicity.

  3. That media communications and the public image of the organisation are well managed.

Success Indicators

  1. A clear, written communication policy is available and understood and adhered to by all key roleplayers.

  2. There is a steady flow of positive reports on the SKZNCC in the media and these are documented for archival purposes.

  3. That a quarterly SKZNCC newsletter is commenced by 31 August 2017.


  1. The Manager is accountable to the SKZNCC Chairperson and Executive.

  2. A full written report is given at every Executive committee meeting and at the AGM.